What Business We Are In

We help individuals and institutes to design solution on wealth creation and managing their money in competent way. Our processes help you to achieve your most important financial goal and it also gives you clarity on selecting right financial product as per your need and requirement.

What We do?

Shreeji Financial Planners

Enriching Someone’s Life Quantitatively and Qualitatively by Way of Wealth Accumulation Program

Shreeji Financial Planners

Planning for avert catastrophe in the event of crisis by way of Risk planning and protection program

Shreeji Financial Planners

Helping individuals/institutes truly realize their Golden Years by way of creating Not To Work Corpus and planning for non-working phase of life.

Shreeji Financial Planners

Helping Individuals/Institutes to pass on meaningful legacy by way of estate planning (Will / Trust formation) or business exit planning.

Shreeji Financial Planners

Helping Institutes on Tax Saving Program and Business Planning Program. Preparing Business Plan for Startups and SMEs.

Who We Help

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives are always occupied and due to their work pressure they have very little time to focus and plan on their finances. We provide planning, implementation and monitoring program for busy executives whereby their money management is made easy while they are busy in making money.

Professionals & Business Owners

Professionals and entrepreneurs are always on move and their most of energy is channelize to grow their practice and business. We guide them on taking right financial decisions which provides them sense of security and planning for contingency and growth of their financial assets

Actors & Celebrities

Actors and celebrity need to sustain and preserve their wealth for long term as their active income life phase is smaller. Over here our expertise lies in preserving wealth for long term and creating income generating assets over a period of time for them which can support their high life style expenses for long term. If you are an actor, cricketer or sports person and looking for complete hand holding in your journey of wealth creation and preservation, then we can help you do so with our expertise.

Non Resident Indians

NRIs are the people who are inclined towards investing in India due to advantage of currency differentiation and the growth potential of India. Many NRIs do invest for their retirement planning in India. We help NRIs simplify their money management in India as a single point contact for all asset management and for all money matters.

High Net-worth Investors

HNI’s are the people who are willing to take high risk for high returns and their objective is always to multiply their wealth at faster pace. We help HNIs on selecting right diversification strategy in their investment and also selecting asset classes in different financial cycles. We also provide them different and unique products/solutions which suites their need.

Senior Citizens

For Senior citizens it is very important to preserve their wealth and it should be able to take care of expenses for long time (due to increasing life expectancy). We help them to select secured investment which can generate regular income and at the same time can take care of future inflation. We also help them on estate planning by way of making Will and selecting right strategy as per their need.

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Why Others Choose Us?

Shreeji Financial Planners

Mr. Himanshu Gupta

MD, Hastikas Creations Services Pvt. Ltd.

"Vijay has shown me right direction for my personal financial management, and with his financial planning method, I could increase my networth by 24% in one year, I wish more people should get benefit of Shreeji Financial Planners for their financial betterment/ reform"

Shreeji Financial Planners

Mr. Sunil Tripathi

Finance Controller - BJ Services

"I more than happy today, as I am sure of my retirement fund, child education and other important goals of my life due to financial planning done SFP. I have increased my savings substantially after engaging with SFP, due to their correct Cashflow analysis"

Shreeji Financial Planners

Mr. Chandrakant Jadhav

Director, Ketaki Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

"This is to inform you that Shreeji Financial Planners is pioneer in financial planning, they are not only giving right advise but also chhanelise our funds in such a way that you can blindly put faith on Mr. Mistry"

Shreeji Financial Planners

Mr. Santosh Rasane

Assistant General Manager, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.

"Shreeji Financial Planners have changed my outlook towards finance and they have given me a new hope for a safe and sound future. I have been briefed about various Financial investment tools and systematically analysed my financial situation. There is a personal touch and understanding. The solutions given to me are practical and apt for my financial condition."

Shreeji Financial Planners

Ms. Poonam Wankhede

Mumbai Police

"I am one of their client who is totally satisfy with service of Shreeji Financial Planners. They are always there for proper guidance and support."

Shreeji Financial Planners

Mr. Pradeep Nadkarny

Director, Grun Designs Pvt Ltd.

"I met Vijay Mistry, young dynamic,enthusiastic, warm and modest Financial Adviser/Consultant of Shreeji Financial Planners in early 2011 for my and my family's financial advise in terms of long term investments in Land, FDs ,Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, non-medical Insurance, Personal Accident Scheme etc. Also he is advising me on my 'WILL' preparation & Registration, ITR advise&filing etc...

His and his team's involvement and experience with me and my family for the last 8 years on all the fronts mentioned above have been excellent and praiseworthy."

Who We are?

We believe in following code of ethics in our practice and it comes very first in all our endeavors.

  • We will at all times put our client's interest above our own
  • We will maintain the highest standard of professional competence and give the best possible advice to our clients by seeking to maintain and improve professional knowledge, skills and competence
  • Hold in the strict confidence and consider as privileged, all business and personal information pertaining to our client's affairs
  • Make full and adequate disclosure of all facts necessary to enable our clients to make informed decisions